Online & Email Security

Farmers State Bank maintains strict standards of security to protect the information of our customers. Our customer information and account data is protected by several state-of-the-art safety features: firewalls, data encryption and password verification.

In addition, your Online Banking Password is known only by you, so only you can access your accounts. Your software provider and Farmer State Bank do NOT know your Password. Online Banking will not send any account information to your computer unless your unique User ID and Password are entered correctly. Your secure session will automatically terminate if you do not conduct transactions for 10 minutes. If this happens, you will simply need to log on again to access your accounts. Please be sure to review Farmers State Bank's Privacy Policy for additional information.

Helpful tips to keep your online and email information secure:

  • Read the Privacy Policy of all organizations that you do business with.
  • Set up a unique password for each online service. This password should always use a combination of letters and numbers and be difficult to guess (don't use family names or birthdates, for example.) Change your password on a regular basis and avoid storing it near your computer.
  • Do not share personal information online unless you feel comfortable with the information that is being requested of you.
  • When using a public computer, prevent your online habits from being tracked by "clearing your cache". (To "clear your cache" on Internet Explorer, go to the "Tools" drop down, select "Internet Options" and click on delete files.) Then be sure to close your browser and email program prior to leaving the computer.
  • Keep record of all transactions that you request online, either print them out or save them to a file. Make sure that all online forms are secure.
  • Use the latest version of Internet browsers and email programs.
  • Set up a separate email account for personal mail.
  • Check your mailbox often; do not let your mail sit there for the taking. Drop your outgoing mail at a local post office to reduce risk of identity theft.
  • Do not open suspicious email attachments; they may contain a virus that can infect your computer. Delete any unwanted email.
  • Be cautious when using password saving tools or save functions on your home or public computer.
  • If you believe that someone else knows your User ID or password, Contact Us to assist you in changing your information.

Email Fraud Phishing

Phishing occurs when customers receive a fraudulent email request for personal information, often in regards to verifying account numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN), social security numbers, passwords, or other sensitive information. 

The fraudulent email will typically resemble a familiar company's internet site and logos, while asking for customers to go to a provided internet site address or click on a link to update or confirm their information.

Such internet site addresses or links are typically similar to the actual company's internet address; however, will often have a couple of letters transposed.

Farmers State Bank will never ask for you to verify an account number, password, or social security number within an email.

We encourage you to use caution when applying for items via email. In order to safeguard yourself, be sure to check that the web address we may provide you in an email is accurate.

If you are ever in doubt please call Farmers State Bank at the following locations:

Maywood 308-362-4226

Trenton 308-334-5236

Big Springs 308-889-3681 

For additional security information and online scams, please review

For businesses, please find cyber security resources at